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About Me

My name is Julie and I’m the founder of The Dyslexia Den based in Brampton Ash which is on the outskirts of Market Harborough, Leicestershire.


I graduated as a teacher in New Zealand and have taught there and in the UK for many years.  Although I loved teaching in the classroom, I decided to continue my studies to become a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and teach on an individual basis. It was clear to me that there were many children struggling with literacy for whom the mainstream curriculum couldn’t cater and I wanted to be able to help their learning journeys.


My latest endeavour has been to become a qualified dyslexia assessor. This has honed my understanding of dyslexia further and improved my ability to attend to different learning requirements so that progress is made.


My teaching style is positive, and I’ve been told that my students find me approachable and fun. I see dyslexia as a learning difference, not a deficit, and I consider it as a part of my role to help my students to embrace their different learning style, and utilise their many talents and skills.


What Happy
Students &
Parents Say

"My daughter has been tutored by Julie for just over a year now and her reading and spelling has improved dramatically in this period. Julie has given my daughter the confidence that she can overcome her dyslexia and she is now really engaged with reading and writing and is thoroughly enjoying her time in year 6 and looking forward to moving to her new school in Year 7."

Kate G

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