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About Dyslexia

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What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning difference.  Areas that can be affected include: phonological processing (the processing of sounds in speech), working memory (the ability to hold information in head, then manipulate it to come up with and answer), sequencing and, organisation and time keeping.


These challenges can impact upon all aspects of learning, from reading and writing, to memory, concentration and maths. 


It occurs on a spectrum, so can range from mild to severe.  On average three children in every classroom have dyslexia and struggle with how literacy is taught in schools. 


Dyslexia is independent  of a person’s intelligence and can offer skills and talents due to a different way of thinking and learning.  Specialist dyslexia intervention can identify these skills and use them, along with tried and tested strategies which can make a huge difference in learning, confidence and self esteem. 

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