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About The Dyslexia Den

Find out more about The Dyslexia Den below!

At The Dyslexia Den, I am passionate about enabling students to learn with dyslexia. The multitude of skills and talents students with dyslexia often have are discovered and used to help alleviate literacy challenges. These difficulties are encountered as schools teach predominantly in a style which fails to support those with the learning difference, dyslexia.

I specialise in providing both dyslexia diagnostic assessments in the undiagnosed and personalised one-on-one tutoring designed to meet the specific needs of my students with dyslexia. 

I also provide specialist dyslexia worksheets and learning aids that can be viewed on my Dyslexia Den Online Shop. 

Specialist Dyslexia Tutoring

I offer private one-to-one tutoring at my practice in Brampton Ash, close to Market Harborough, for both Leicestershire and Northamptonshire students. I have a specialist tutor room full of bespoke resources and interactive learning aids to help further the learning experience. 

I am also able to tutor both nationally and internationally via online tutoring video calls. This allows my students to have the high quality specialist tutoring in the comfort of their own home. 

These sessions are typically an hour long and one-to-one as they are highly personalised. This is because dyslexia affects individuals differently and lessons have to be tailored accordingly.  An initial personal assessment (not the diagnostic assessment) at the beginning will enable me to tailor the content of the lessons and the correct starting points.

Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments


Holding an Assessment Practising Certificate enables me to assess and diagnose dyslexia using the most up-to-date test batteries. This a full PATOSS assessment and will include a thorough assessment and detailed report. 

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A Bit About Me

My name is Julie and I’m the founder of The Dyslexia Den.

I graduated as a teacher in New Zealand and have taught there and in the UK for many years.  Although I loved teaching in the classroom, I decided to continue my studies to become a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and teach on an individual basis. It was clear to me that there were many children struggling with literacy for whom the mainstream curriculum couldn’t cater and I wanted to be able to help their learning journeys.


My latest endeavour has been to become a qualified dyslexia assessor. This has honed my understanding of dyslexia further and improved my ability to attend to different learning requirements so that progress is made.


My teaching style is positive, and I’ve been told that my students find me approachable and fun. I see dyslexia as a learning difference, not a deficit, and I consider it as a part of my role to help my students to embrace their different learning style, and utilise their many talents and skills.


My Career

Julie Singlehurst 

BEd, QTS, ATS (AMBDA), APC SpLD (Dyslexia Action), MDG

Assessment Practicing Certificate (APC SpLD) Dyslexia Action (Index of Assessors)

Approved Teacher Status (ATS): British Dyslexia Association (Index of tutors)

Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate SpLD Teacher/Practitioner/Assessor

I hold a current DBS check, as do the adults who live with me where I work.

Qualified Teacher Status through the Overseas Training Program at The Nottingham Trent University

First class Bachelor of Education degree through The University of Auckland


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