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Find out more about the costs of assessments and tutoring.

Dyslexia Assessment

An in-house, Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment will cost £450.

An out-of-house, Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment will cost £550 (up to 100 mile radius from Market Harborough,  If travelling further by assessor is required, a new price will be negotiated).

The prices covers the assessment and detailed report. 

An assessment to ascertain exam access arrangements and not a dyslexia diagnosis costs £250 and can be continued at a later date if a diagnosis is sought.


  • A £100 deposit is required when booking the assessment date and time.

  • Full payment is required before the report is issued.


I specialise in tutoring for the following groups:

  • Students with dyslexia

  • Ages 4-13 - to provide additional help with literacy and/or mathematic

  • Year 6 students prepare for SATs

  • Gifted and Talented - students who wish to extend their abilities,

  • 11+ Exams Preparation

  • Learners who have specific needs, e.g. school trauma and homeschooling.

Tutoring prices are as follows:

  • Tutoring - £40 per hour

  • Specialist Dyslexia Tutoring - £50 per hour.

Discounts are available for online, siblings and group sessions.

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